The team of experts of envero has two points of view for key aspects of activity of refuse management.
On the one hand the view in a scientific and on the other hand in an economic way. Based on the facts that the management of envero is working since many years as Scientists at the University of Rostock, they have as well a longtime practice experience so that every aspect can be worked on on a large scale.
That means in general they are able to realise individual and unique solutions for projects of any kind.


Transfer of Knowledge and Technology


  • Support at creating and introducing of laws and enactments as a foundation for an appropriate refuse management,
  • Clarification of the role of Financing and waste collection fees,
  • Plannings of introducing an efficient disposal logistic (collecting, seperated collecting, transport)
  • Professional advice on selecting of suitable refuse treatment procedures; for example:

    • Disposal of biological waste (extraction of  biogas and power generation, composting with the target of agricultural use)
    • Application of old tyres

    • Disposal of  hospital litter
    • Landfill scheduling and construction supervision

    • Recultivation of old Landfills > sewage sludge disposal

    • Disposal and Application of industrial byproducts (food waste, textile waste, etc.)

    • Analysing the sort of waste and following ratings
  • Advice on planning of sewage plants for communes and industry,
  • Organisation and feed-through of training and advaned training in area of refuse management for employees of any level.